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Yoga Meditation

Practice creating the conditions for the mind to settle and connect.

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Service Description

Transform your day with group meditation practice. In the ancient writings of Yoga, meditation is one of the key steps on the path to enlightenment, seeing the world clearly. In Buddhism, meditation is a key aspect of ‘awakening’ but awakening to what? Meditation is more than mindfulness and wellbeing. It is a crucial tool in experiential understanding on how to end human suffering. Almost all our suffering is created in the mind, it’s not the thing that happens, or doesn’t happen, the sensation or whatever the object is, no it’s actually the thoughts we have about the object that perpetuate long after the object or stimulus has passed that cause the pain. Experiencing this truth has powerful consequences for how we live our lives. Meditation isn’t something you do, although we can set an intention to meditate. Meditation is something that arises if the conditions are right. In our practices we focus on creating those conditions in the mind-body. - adjusting the body to be comfortable - developing our ability to concentrate - becoming aware of how sensations arise and dissipate in the body - focusing on objects to help us experience sensations in the body. Some of the benefits of regular practice - increased ability to handle our emotions and situations - greater sense of peace and calm - increased confidence to be able to participate fully in life. - improved physical and mental condition Join in a chair, on the floor, or lying down as you prefer. Sessions open to complete beginners and those who don’t find sitting still easy or those with busy minds.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your booking completely please do so by logging into your account or contacting me atleast 72 hours before hand. If you need to reschedule, please do so as soon as possible to create the space for someone else to take the space. You can do so at anytime and move your booking to another available time. If you are sick, have cold / flu/covid symptoms it is important you do not attend to prevent passing your illness to others (for physical bookings) and also so that you can practice non-harm toward yourself, your body needs rest and to heal. Please be kind and move your booking to another time.

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