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    1. Welcome - I am so glad you are here!

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    3. Code of Ethics and Codes of Practice

    4. Please review the Code of Ethics for coaches, mentors, and supervisors!

    5. Let's check in!

    1. Areas of Focus of the Leadership Development Tool

    2. The Report Process

    3. Requesting your assessment

    4. Leadership Development Action Plan

    1. Getting a variety of perspectives

    2. Diversifying to build a Personal Boardroom of Assessors

    3. Create your own Personal Boardroom

    4. Reflecting on your Personal Boardroom Experience

    1. Complete yourself assessment

    2. Email Invitation Template

    1. Feedback

    2. Please complete video ask

    3. Thank you!

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Facilitator Ed Moss

Ed is a professional facilitator that works with people to build deep mutual understanding, and rekindle their energy and drive. He has over 15 years experience in training, facilitating and coaching cultural evolution in the public, social enterprise, coop and private sector organisations helping leaders at all levels operate in a better more connected way to emerging situations and the world around us. Ed is a fully qualified coach, chartered fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Barrett Values Centre practitioner. Ed lives on a boat with his rescue dog Eddy. His courage to commit to quality of life, a love to travel and learning from people and places are the source of his energy. He has an insatiable curiosity and his core values are fairness, compassion and openness to new perspectives.