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About Ed 

I believe that healthy organisations will bring about a better working world, one where we can live sustainably and with equality. I have seen how people who are supported, given space to learn and be creative while having their expectations stretched are happier and healthier in and out of work.


I facilitate processes for people to increase their ability to create change through their active participation to shape and make the change happen and build a healthy future together.


Working holistically to raise awareness and confidence around people’s creativity and specific strengths at all levels, combined with a just enough-structure approach, organisations will be better able to lead organisational, sector and societal change. To do this, we draw on creative, inclusive and interconnected beliefs through a coaching approach.


All my work from Massage and Yoga to Facilitation and Coaching is based on experiential learning combined with sharing wisdom and knowledge from communities I am connected to. 

Foggy Waters

Let's start a conversation...

  • Available Online

    It all starts with connecting and seeing what is possible.

    40 min

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