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We have all sat on dull training sessions and meetings wondering what the point is, and that was before everything moved online! There has been a huge hurdle for many to get over just in getting used to the new software to run meetings, such as Teams and Zoom. However, as people get used to unmuting themselves to speak and making sure they are mindful of what they wear on camera; the attention is turning to what these meetings, webinars, training and workshops feel like for those on the calls and importantly - how useful and productive they are.

The key to all of this is being able to engage those you are meeting and of course, stay engaged yourself. Many people find this quite a steep learning curve to do in the online space, so I created this course to give you a confidence boost by helping you find the courage to bring your style to life online. The course focuses on getting you to practice techniques that get people engaged and working together. To help, there are over 20 activity guides available from getting people knowing each on a deeper level to helpful decision-making tools for groups.

Ok, I get that some training would be helpful but isn't this an e-learning course and aren't they really boring?

I can smell a low-value e-learning course a mile off - you know the kind that is just a bunch of youtube videos hosted behind a paywall. My passion for engagement and interaction was a key factor in setting up this platform. Yes there are some activity guides that allow you to easily run activities yourself, yes there are some videos of me explaining thing (also some podcasts to break up the format) cruicially on this course is the expectation and opportunity to practice your skills with other people!

Course curriculum

    1. Meet Your Facilitator!

    2. The Evolution of Facilitation

    3. The 7 Levels of Facilitation

    4. Your Learning Outcomes Based on the 7 Levels of Facilitation

    5. Video Gatherings vs. Physical Meetings

    6. Perceptions

    7. Check-in

    8. New%20video-2

    1. Getting started

    2. Check-in

    3. Presentation

    4. Get creative!

    5. Reminders

    6. Open awareness

    7. Caring for yourself before others

    8. Mental preparation

    9. Facilitation preparation

    10. Facilitation techniques

    11. Practicing facilitation

    12. Reflect and action plan

    13. Viability: Frequently asked questions

    1. Why connection is essential?

    2. Check-in

    3. Creating connection and listening in online sessions

    4. Discussion

    5. The focus

    6. Check-in

    7. Joining established groups

    8. Activity guide: Checking-in with the group

    9. Activity guide: Tree of expectations

    10. Activity guide: Time machine explanation

    11. Activity guide: Speed networking

    12. Activity guide: Two truths and a lie

    13. Activity guide: Me and my identity

    14. Activity guide: The story of my shoes

    1. Give your session a purpose

    2. Creating experiences online

    3. Activity guide: Consensus building

    4. Activity guide: Group decision making

    5. Check-in

    6. Group activity: Appreciative inquiry

    7. Activity guide: 6 thinking hats

    8. Check-in

    9. Activity guide: Baseline targets

    10. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Adult learning styles

    2. Understanding your own boundaries

    3. Check-in

    4. Personality styles

    5. Check-in

    6. Use your situational map

    7. Activity guide: Acknowledge your space

    8. Music for learning

    9. Feedback from facilitation

    10. Why feedback matters

    11. Activity guide: Johari's window

    12. Check-in

    13. Frequently asked questions

    1. Thank you

    2. Your feedback

About this course

  • £330.00
  • 60 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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"I liked the excellent training approach, it was incredibly helpful and supportive in boosting my confidence. I learnt about new techniques and skills that has equipped me to deliver more effective and positive digital engagement The impact of the course has greatly improved my confidence, skills and abilities to be an engaging on-line facilitator."

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5 star rating

So helpful! Really built my confidence!

Ed Moss

Ed was great, he’s so patient, I really felt comfortable to ask him anything, and I felt like I could ask all the stupid questions without judgement. He real...

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Ed was great, he’s so patient, I really felt comfortable to ask him anything, and I felt like I could ask all the stupid questions without judgement. He really put me at ease and coached me to improve throughout the whole day

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