“By focusing on the person behind the role and the colleagues behind the behaviour, we’ve helped thousands of teams and organisations find the hidden potential and peace inside everyone and create a new reality.”

- Ed Moss

Ed is an experienced facilitator and coach with a background as a CEO, and in Operations and digital in the non profit and for profit with purpose sectors.

Who has trusted us to create new realities with them

Access on-tap, neuroscience leadership development

through our Full Workshop Collection

In leadership, when it rains, it pours. Struggling with managing change? Finding meetings tense or even just boring? It’s likely you’re dealing with strained relationships or trying to balance your time between the day-to-day and the strategic. Get access to 20+ workshops from Ed Moss and the team (£1000+ value).

Plan for action while you learn

with Digital Workbooks

Each workshop is accompanied by an interactive digital workbook which includes a variety of activities and content that enhance the learning experience, and give you exercises to practice live and get feedback in coaching sessions.

Focused time to take action

with Virtual Co-working

Wish you had the time to implement what you learn or plan? Improve your productivity with this science backed way of working. Tackle your to-do list, feel more energised and make progress on the things that really matter. Feel connected when working from home and work alongside other leaders from the community.

Connect and Feel part of something bigger

in a Safe Judgment-free Community

Connect with like-valued leaders, share your struggles and successes, learn from and support each other, and get the answers you need.

Expert help to handle the challenges (big and small)

Access to Ed & Live Virtual Coaching

Because turning a plan in to reality is rarely straightforward. What sets Human Leaders apart from other e‑learning and membership programs, our live group and private coach-in-your-pocket coaching sessions help you workshop your real‑life leadership challenges and opportunities and receive constructive and actionable feedback from Ed.

Build and maintain traction

with the Sustainability Toolkit

Review, reinforce, repeat. Our sustainability tool kit gives leaders and managers a set of tools and activities to make the human way of leading stick with you and your team, and retain the lessons you learn long after completing our training programs.

Unlimited Human Leader Membership

Unlimited Member benefits: Ed Moss' complete content library, all 20 workshops, expert advice, and community support, everything above here on the page.

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