Have you ever wondered why meetings are so unpopular?

Did you know that approximately 70% of employees see meetings as a hindrance to their work? 95%* regularly zone out of meetings, and nearly 40% admit to dozing off! 

While it’s now common to associate meetings with a collective yawn, it doesn’t have to be that way. As humans, we’re social creatures- we’re at our most inspired, and creative when we’re working with our peers on big goals that we care about.

If your team dreads the thought of getting together to collaborate and share ideas, then something needs to change.

Problems begin to appear when teams:

  • Don’t feel safe to speak up and share ideas

  • Equate disagreement with conflict - avoid healthy conflict for fear of upsetting people

  • Don’t value inclusivity or cannot practice inclusivity

  • Play it safe, avoid thinking outside the box

  • Allow other people’s time to dictate pace

  • Look to one person for the answers or solutions

  • Interestingly all of these things cause issues:

  • Lower productivity

  • Poorer mental and physical health

  • Reduced performance

Leaders = Facilitators

/fəˈsɪlɪteɪtə/ noun / a person or thing that makes an action or process easy or easier.

Great leaders facilitate innovation

In the 21st century workplace, the role of the leader has shifted from manager to facilitator, from control to adapt and respond. They understand what human minds and bodies need to make their team feel safe to express their thoughts, celebrate diversity of ideas and identities, and build a more resilient, happier, more productive workplace. 

Who has trusted us to create new realities with them:

We are here to share the Art & Science of making the Mind & Body feel safe enough to turn ideas into reality


Facilitator Ed Moss

Ed is a professional facilitator that works with people to build deep mutual understanding, and rekindle their energy and drive. He has over 15 years experience in training, facilitating and coaching cultural evolution in the public, social enterprise, coop and private sector organisations helping leaders at all levels operate in a better more connected way to emerging situations and the world around us. Ed is a fully qualified coach, chartered fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a Barrett Values Centre practitioner. Ed lives on a boat with his rescue dog Eddy. His courage to commit to quality of life, a love to travel and learning from people and places are the source of his energy. He has an insatiable curiosity and his core values are fairness, compassion and openness to new perspectives.